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I like to compare and contrast human behavior, trying to provide a new perspective of our surroundings.  To get better insight into the human condition I focus on transitory thoughts, usually discarded through the day.  I extend time, to confront and reflect on these fractional experiences, giving them a weight usually reserved for overarching themes and daytime dramas.  I capture moments through a variety subjects and mediums including ink, acrylic, watercolor and clay.  Satisfied? 

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You can call me Katie; I'm the lady behind NotFromCaves. I grew up in the suburbs of Maryland just outside of Washington DC. Currently I freelance as a Mechanical Engineer to pay the bills and in my free time I make art in any way or form.  I model occasionally and am now transitioning back to working with clay.  I reside in a small apartment in Brooklyn with Dylan and all my unsold art. 

If you want to say hello, or are interested in purchasing something, shoot me an email at notfromcaves(at) or visit my ESTY SHOP

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Photo by James Chororos

Photo by James Chororos

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