We camped out side Arches at Upper Big Bend for two days and then got to spend Halloween camping in Arches.  During this time we took a drive out to Dead Horse Point. 


After the grand experience in the Grand Cayon, we drove through momument valley to Canyonlands.  At this point in our trip we had tried to fit a lot of parks in at the end, which was just not feasible. We spent a night at Canyonlands and then drove to Moab. 

Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon

Drove to Page and spent a night at a hotel. Washed our clothes. We went to Antelope Canyon the next day even though it was suppose to be cloudy, since the day after it was going to rain.  We decided on Lower Antelope Canyon.  Definitely could have done with out every person in our tour group, but such is life.  We were lucky enough to get some sun part way through our tour.  After the tour we went to Lone Rock Beach and camped next to Lake Powell.  Its a cheaper camping alternative.  I was hoping to get away from the RV people.  But when we got there there were two huge RVs on the edge of the water,  perfectly positioned to ruin our view. Got to hear the coyotes at night here too.  But they sounded much farther away than the ones in JT. 

Grand Canyon

We hiked down into the canyon to the bright angel campgrounds via the Kaibob trail. Dylans pack was 37lbs mine was 32. 6.9 miles in. 4,654 change in elevationThe hike in was great being able to see each rock layer close up and the change in weather too. Camped for one night by the colorado river. Hike out via the bright angel trial. 9.3 miles out around 4,314 feet in elevation change! Took 6hrs and 45min. I got stomach issue between the last 3 to 1.5 miles. But it went away for the last mile! I'm amazed that I did this. It is such an intiment experience of the Grand Canyon.

Joshua Tree

We have resurfaced in Flagstaff on our way to the Grand Canyon. Joshua Tree was great, couldn't have asked for a better 4.5 days.

Road tripping through the South West.

Today I start my trip through the South West.  We are sitting in our apartment trying to figure out if we have packed everything we need. There will a lot of camping on this trip so to bring everything we will have to check three bags, oh my. Time to get some breakfast.   I will be traveling with my alter ego, if you are wondering about the we.